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End-to-end intent-driven UGA engineering

LLM-powered, no-code compositional AI

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Exploration View

Freely chat with the GPT inside the IDE to acquire task knowledge, identify task challenges, and experiment prompts. You do not need to take notes. Our co-pilot will summarize your interested tasks, preferences, and special considerations.

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Design View

Tell the IDE what you want to build. Don't worry if your initial thoughts are incomplete or ambiguous. Our co-pilot will discuss with you to clarify and enrich your initial ideas, turning them into specific AI service requirements.

Likewise, you don't need to worry about how to implement these requirements. Our co-pilot will automatically generate an AI chain skeleton (including major steps and candidate prompts) based on the AI service requirements for your to review and edit.

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Block View

Build and test your AI chain using block-based visual programming. You do not need to do it from scrach. Our IDE will automatically construct and assemble AI chain workers based on the AI chain skeleton you designed, allowing you to directly run, debug, and refine them.

Of course, if you know exactly what you need, you can also manually build the AI chain, which is also an intuitive and enjoyable process.

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Prompt Hub

Create, edit, and manage your prompt assets in this hub. You can reuse or customize these prompts across different projects.

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Engine Management

Configure and manage the engines used by workers, including foundation models, traditional ML models, external data sources, or APIs. Our IDE has pre-installed large language models (GPT series) and text-to-image models (DALL-E).

You can configure and manage foundation model instances with different parameters in the IDE. Traditional ML models, external data sources, or APIs can be imported through a plugin system (under implementation).

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Project Management

Create, open, or save AI chain projects. You can download the backend Python code for the AI chain to integrate it into your other software projects (require our sapperchain Python library).

We are working on implementing a one-click sharing feature for sharing your AI chain projects to the AI chain marketplace, as well as deploying your AI services to cloud servers.

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